Exposure Magazine

Exposure Magazine: 15 December 2019.

“Doing things with people rather than at them” by Sara-Jayne Parsons, Director & Curator of the Art Galleries of TCU, Fort Worth TX

24th May 2021 View

The Caravan Gallery in The Guardian

The modern British landscape – in pictures. The Guardian, 2nd August 2018.

2nd October 2018 View

The Caravan Gallery @ mima

NARC Magazine online, July 2016.

12th July 2016 View

The Caravan Gallery

Ageing Better Middlesbrough, July 2016.

1st July 2016 View
23rd June 2016 View

Vice: Inside The Caravan Gallery

Inside The Caravan Gallery: Exploring Overlooked England – Vice, 2015

1st May 2015 View

An extra{ordinary} Exhibition

Living North, April 2015.

20th April 2015 View

Insight: The Caravan Gallery

Northern Lights, April 2015.

12th April 2015 View

Big Picture

Something from the wall of The Caravan Gallery.
Culture, March, 2015.

View entire publication here.

26th February 2015 View
25th February 2015 View

Capturing the many faces of Sunderland

Sunderland Echo, 12th February 2015.

12th February 2015 View

Getting hitched up for a fresh look at art world

Sunderland Echo, 19th January 2015.

19th January 2015 View

British Journal of Photography

Power to the people: British Journal of Photography, May 2014.
An article by Gemma Padley.

9th May 2014 View

One of the best little bits of the (Independents) Biennial

Independents: LIVERPOOL BIENNIAL 2012. The Independent Strand of the Liverpool Biennial festival of contemporary art. September 2012.

20th September 2012 View

Always Greener: views from the contemporary countryside

PM Gallery & House (gallery guide).

May 2012.

5th May 2012 View

Showing a different side to life in the UK

The News, December 2011.
Written by Rachel Jones.

16th December 2011 View

The Caravan Gallery: A ‘mobile exhibition unit’

Interview in White Stuff magalogue, pages 54 – 55, Autumn / Winter 2011.

15th August 2011 View

Carry on Camping

Photography Monthly, Issue 123, July 2011.
An article by Sean Samuels.

16th July 2011 View

On The Contemporary

An e-book by Agency, 2011.

9th July 2011 View


LOOK/11 – Liverpool International Photography Festival (guide).

June 2011.

16th June 2011 View

The Creative Portsmouth Book

Creative Review, March 2011.

16th March 2011 View

Bank Balance, The Northern Echo

The Other South Bank – a collaboration with Pilgrim Films.

January 2011.

10th January 2011 View
28th October 2009 View

In Praise of our eccentric Isle

Sunday Express, October 2009.
An article by Jane Clinton.

18th October 2009 View

Thinking about Hullness: a geographical perspective

July 2009.
An article by David Atkinson.

16th July 2009 View

Space for 10

Space for 10, 2008.

16th August 2008 View

Fringe Arts Bath

Fringe Arts Bath, Festival Programme.
May 2010.

28th May 2008 View

This Blessed Isle

The Times Magazine, October 2007 (pages 1-5).
An article by Ben Machell.

13th October 2007 View

Is Britain Great?

The Social Affairs Unit (web review), June 2007.

16th June 2007 View

Is Britain Great? Aesthetica

Aesthetica, Issue 27, May, June, July 2007.
An article by Niamh Coghlan.

16th May 2007 View

On the trail of real life

Newcastle Evening Chronicle, June 2004.

15th June 2004 View

Coal Salt Tin

Coal Salt Tin (exhibition guide), May 2004.

17th May 2004 View

Source: The Photographic Review

Issue 38, Spring 2004.

17th April 2004 View

All about towing the line

Glasgow Herald, April 2002.


20th April 2002 View