The Joy of Caravanning

6th July 2012 News 0

We’re having a non-stop year at The Caravan Gallery, all very exciting but there’s never enough time for important stuff like knocking the website into shape. We had a fantastic time taking our Pride of Place Project to 03 Gallery at Oxford Castle and also relished the opportunity to work with Arts at the Old Fire Station who invited us to curate an exhibition called Here and Now : Extraordinary Photos of Ordinary Oxford.

2012 highlights include a rather moist Diamond Jubilee weekend appearance at the National Theatre’s wonderful Watch This Space festival, and another Belgian commission for Angeraakt Touche in Wetteren, Flanders. We showed our photographic observations of Wetteren in the caravan outside Cordonnier and also inside the very atmospheric former sock factory alongside a variety of notable Belgian artists. The locals accused us of making their apparently rather workaday town look exceptionally interesting, which was interesting. We’ve always found Belgium to be very interesting indeed.

We’ve just come back from Frankfurt where we were invited to take part in the rather splendid Artcargobay at Frankfurt’s first Leuften Festival – photos to follow of this and aforementioned events soon. This was our first foray into Germany so we showed some hot favourites from our Is Britain Great? collection. These went down brilliantly with our German audience and we enjoyed comparing cultural similarities and differences. We really have to spend some time photographing Germany to see if car park sunbathing and dressing your dog in a shell suit is the norm there too.

Next stop was Kassel to see Documenta. On a high after Frankfurt and emboldened by our new German friends and hosts who encouraged us to be supercheeky The Caravan Gallery popped up in some rather prominent Documenta locations for a few hours and had a most splendid time.

We’re taking our Pride of Place Project to Lytham St Annes next week then it’s back to Belgium (the French bit this time) in August. Ramsgate at the end of the month, Liverpool Biennial in September, oh, and here’s some exciting news – we’ve got a 6 month show at the new Museum of Liverpool opening in May next year to coincide with Look13 International Photography Festival. Exciting!

Will add more photos whenever we get a minute and attempt to sort out our rather haphazard back catalogue. In the meantime thanks for your patience.